About (Blog and Erin Lenhardt)

Erin Lenhardt

This blog is dedicated to two things.  The first is my give-everything-up passion in life: Real, good food.  Whole food.  Food that our ancestors would have eaten and that our great grandmothers would have recognized as food.  (That puts Proctor and Gamble’s, though genius, 1907 Crisco (hydrogenated cottonseed oil) out.  Crisco, in fact, is probably a good cut off for when real food started being superseded by fake, industrial foods).  Eating real food cured my autoimmune disease and changed (saved?) my life.  I’m crazy about real food and spend an insane amount of time researching things like the biochemistry of food nutrition and the correlation between Americans’ health and their diets.  I’m obsessed.  There, I said it.

Passion number two: Business.  I excel at solving client problems, get jazzed about branding and positioning, love market research, and get ridiculously happy when I encounter business ideas that turn old thinking on its head.  Business is about connecting people with products (or services)–and I believe that every time we, as consumers, buy something, we’re voting.  There is no quicker way to change the world than to influence the way that people spend their money.

I learned a lot about business while building the marketing and sales departments for a laboratory services company and as the co-founder of food startup (Norm’s Farms), and wanted a formal education, which is how I ended up at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  I’m focusing on entrepreneurship and venture capital and dream of managing a portfolio of food-related businesses that are working to disrupt and revolutionize our food supply chain in order to make whole foods both more affordable and accessible.

I live in downtown Chicago and spend my time working on Norm’s Farms, studying, networking, and cooking and eating real good food.  I believe in thinking big and have an adorable and delightful dog named Mo.