List: U.S. Beverage Co-Packers

Beverage Co-Packer

Moving from in-house production to a contract packager (co-packer) is a big step for food and beverage startups. It can be difficult to reproduce your original flavor when you move from a commercial kitchen to a fully automated production line with a different supply chain, large equipment, and many other people. But when you do find the right copacker, you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time promoting your product.

Note: This list was originally published on January 14, 2017. The current publication date indicates the last time the list was updated. 

Not all co-packers will be a good match for you—some will be too far away, some won’t have the equipment you need, some will be too large for you, some will be too expensive, and some simply won’t return your emails. But first, you have to find them. This isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Co-packers are some of the toughest service providers to find. Their websites are typically full of jargon and designed for industry insiders. Many large co-packers see startups as nuisances because of all the work required to produce relatively small quantities.

If you’re an early-stage beverage company, perhaps this list of American beverage co-packers will help in your search. (Neither I nor RealFoodMBA endorse any of these co-packers or claim to have firsthand knowledge of their operations. Conduct your own research to see if they are a good match for you.)

Are we missing any beverage co-packers for this list? Let us know. We’ll keep it updated.  


AZ Pack AZ
American Copak CA
Nor Cal Beverage Co. Inc. CA
Sonoma Beverage Works CA
Stapleton-Spence Copackers CA
US Beverage Manufacturing CA
H.A. Rider and Sons CA
Premier Foods CA
Redlaw Sauce CO
Al-Rite FL
Pouch Fill FL
Southeast Bottling Company FL
Monarch Custom Beverages GA
Mrs. Clark’s IA
Assemblers IL
Tone IL
Maryland Packaging MD
St. Julian Winery MI
Glanbia Nutritionals multiple
Assemblies multiple
Creekside Springs multiple
Carolina Beverage Group NC
NJ Kosher Kitchens NJ
Union Beverage Packers NJ
Wayne County Foods NJ
The Drink Ink NV
Associated Brands NY
Adirondack Beverages NY
Blue Beverage NY
Crush and Co-pack NY
Direct Refreshments NY
JGS Development Group NY
Mayer Bros. NY
Organic Food Incubator NY
Bell Foods OR
Bon Foods OR
Yoshida Foods International OR
Portland Bottling Company OR
Castle Copackers PA
CSD Copackers PA
US Hydrations PA
American Canning TX
Southwest Bottling Company TX
Tropical Resources UT
Andros VA
First Fruits Beverage VA
Summit Beverage Group VA
Vermont Bottling Company VT
Eagle Beverage WA
Tree Top WA
All-Juice WI
Century Foods WI
Infinity Beverages WI

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  1. Hi,
    I work for Impress Foods, a compagnie in Montreal, Canada who is looking to do private lables in our new beverages facility. We can produce around 3000 bottles an hour. We have our own HPP machine to make cold pressed and cold pasteurized beverages.

  2. Is there anyone that knows a copacker who retorts

  3. Does anyone know of a water beverage co-packer near Napa, California?

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