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culinary incubators

Culinary incubators sit in an interesting space between commercial kitchens and incubator programs, and are helping to bridge the gap between self-production and moving to a co-manufacturer. They often provide access to expensive kitchen equipment, business services, and mentorship — and there are more and more of them popping up across the nation. Here’s a quick list of today’s players (listed by state):

Note: Originally published on October 30, 2016. The current publication date reflects the last time the list was updated.

LA Prep Los Angeles CA Provides full-time production space for wholesale food producers.
La Cocina San Francisco CA Incubator kitchen working to cultivate low income food entrepreneurs by providing affordable kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities.
KITCHENTOWN San Mateo CA Food startup incubator that provides production space, equipment, and the opportunity to interact with a community of like-minded peers, industry experts, and investors in order to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses.
Kitchen Coop Broomfield CO provides co-manufacturing services, plus technical, business and sales consulting to help food and beverage companies grow.
Union Kitchen Washington DC Kitchen incubator providing production space, distribution services, and mentorship. Also helps launch other culinary incubators, like B-More Kitchen in Baltimore. As of July 2017, reducing footprint and increasing investment (see above).
PREP Atlanta GA Half of their 15,000 SQF space is dedicated to food trucks; they also offer business acceleration services.
The Hatchery Chicago IL Planned; intends to bring education, capital, and support to the Chicagoland food entrepreneur community.
Kickstart Kitchen Covington IL Shared use commercial kitchen and business mentoring.
LSU AgCenter Food Incubator Baton Rouge LA Business incubator that specializes in developing emerging food ventures and providing technical services to existing and emerging companies.
New Orleans Food & Farm Network New Orleans LA Working to build the local food economy in greater New Orleans by increasing markets for farmers, incubating farms, and training new farmers.
CommonWealth Kitchen Dorchester MA Commercial kitchen helping to grow established businesses by providing large volume production equipment, business assistance, marketing, and access to capital.
B-More Kitchen Baltimore MD “Baltimore’s first food incubator,” B-More Kitchen was launched with the help of Union Kitchen
Flint Food Works Flint MI “low-cost, low-risk, full-service kitchens for local businesses to grow and establish their operations”
Maker-to-Market Minneapolis MN The Lakewinds Food Co-op and The Good Acre have partnered to create this incubator in order to support fresh, local healthy food by helping food entrepreneurs turn their products into retail-ready goods.
Ennovation Center Independence MO Commercial kitchen co-working space and business technologies area with office and lab space.
Blue Ridge Food Ventures Asheville NC 11,000 sqf shared-use kitchen and natural products manufacturing facility
Midway Community Kitchen Chapel Hill NC Midway offers Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Cook Book Club, Intensives, Skills Training, Basics Series, Team Building, Pop Ups, Markets, Kitchen Rental and Event Space
The Cookery Durham NC Culinary incubator and event venue.
PFAP Hillsborough NC Culinary incubator and shared use kitchen.
The Kitchen Council Omaha NE planned for 2017
Rutgers Food Innovation Center Bridgetown NJ Food business incubator and economic development accelerator program.
Foodworks Brooklyn Brooklyn NY culinary incubator / shared kitchen with locations in Brooklyn and Providence
Hotbread Kitchen New York NY Kitchen incubator focused specifically on bakers.
Organic Food Incubator New York NY Provides kitchen space, contract manufacturing services, education and coaching to growing food and beverage companies.
Athens Food Venture Center (ACEnet) Athens OH Provides equipment and storage; used by ~65 entrepreneurs annually.
Commissary Columbus Columbus OH Commercial kitchen with focus on food trucks; also hosts community cooking classes and demonstrations.
Food Fort Columbus OH Strategically located in a USDA food desert, Food Fort provides both a commercial kitchen and hands-on technical assistance.
Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator Youngstown OH The Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator is a shared-use commercial kitchen; the kitchen incubator will also provide consultants to assist clients with business planning and marketing efforts.
Kitchen Kru Portland OR 4800 sqf culinary incubator designed to support culinary inspired entrepreneurs in developing, operating, and growing a successful business.
YorKitchen York PA Shared kitchen incubator open 24/7.
Hope and Main Warren RI Shared use kitchens and industry-specific technical resources.
Foodworks Providence Providence RI culinary incubator / shared kitchen with locations in Brooklyn and Providence
Cook’s Nook Austin TX The Cook’s Nook is a culinary incubator providing shared production space and business development for Austin-area artisans, caterers, and cooks
Chef Scape Ashburn VA Shared commercial kitchen and business support services.
La Cocina Arlington VA Focused on workforce development, La Cocina VA provides culinary training, career certification, and job placement assistance.
Vermont Food Venture Center Fairfax VT Shared-use, multi-purpose kitchen incubator for value-added and specialty food producers; equipped for co-packing, too.
Watertown Farm Market Kitchen Watertown WI Professional shared-use kitchen and food production facility accessible by the hour.

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  1. Midway Community Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC!

  2. The Cook’s Nook, Austin Texas –

  3. Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator in Youngstown, Ohio –

  4. Please add Chefscape to the list. A shared commercial kitchen, incubator and accelerator, based in Ashburn VA (Northern VA 40 min out of DC) I am one of the founders! website: and on FB and IG: @Chefscape

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  6. Kickstart Kitchen in Covington, KY!

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