How to Submit a Guest Post to RealFoodMBA

RealFoodMBA attracts thousands of readers each month and we’re always looking for new, exciting contributors. If you have outstanding writing skills and would like to share your expertise with a large audience of food entrepreneurs, business owners, and like-minded people, let us know.

Please review this entire page to learn more about the kind of content we’re looking for and how to submit your post.

Our Basic Format for Every Post

Successful guest contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach our readers something new about the business of food and provide immediately useful tools. While we focus on startups, we strive to be a resource for food and beverage companies at every stage of development.

Our readers are also interested in non-food topics that most food entrepreneurs care about: Hiring, team development, design thinking, e-commerce, content marketing, fundraising, legal, accounting, and larger business trends, among other things. The more helpful and educational the post, the more likely it is to be accepted by RealFoodMBA.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere (or that you intend to republish).

Your article should reflect the writing style/tone of RealFoodMBA. We aim to be casual, yet helpful, and typically stay away from using buzzwords and jargon.

Proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.
No more than one link to your company’s website in the body of the post.

Sample Posts

Some examples of successful types of posts include lists, Q&A posts, topical explanations and how-tos, and market trend and analysis expositions.


Lists give readers very specific information—generally with very little analysis or explanation—on one topic. Typically these posts are regularly updated as new information becomes available.

Examples of List Posts:

Q&A Posts

These posts are generally designed to introduce readers to experts in a field. Typically 3-10 topics from that field are discussed, with an emphasis on tangible, executable advice for the reader.

Examples of Q&A Posts:

Topical Explanation

Topical Explanation: Typically posed in the form of a question, these topics often come from frequently asked questions directed to guest bloggers or RealFoodMBA. These posts are some of the most in-depth articles and are designed to provide a comprehensive and simple explanation of frequently misunderstood topics.

Examples of Topical Explanations and How-To Articles:

Market Data/Trend Posts

Market Data/Trend Posts: Do you have data that entrepreneurs aren’t able to access easily? Are you uniquely able to pinpoint trends? Do you have a new way of analyzing data? Your post should make enough of the data available to be useful–no teasers. Help the reader to understand what is happening in the world of food businesses.

Although many of our most popular posts fall into the above categories, much of our content follows other formats. Feel free to submit posts that conform in spirit but not in structure to these categories.

What We Won’t Accept

We won’t accept:

  • Anything that’s been covered on our blog before. Please do a search of our site before submitting your articles.
  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that’s too promotional for your company or organization. Remember, the goal is to educate and help our readers.
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies — this is not a site to air grievances.
  • Anything that’s not clearly relevant to food and beverage companies.

How to Submit Your Post

  • Please email info @ with the following:
  • Your completed post as an HTML file or Word Doc.
  • Image files (with attribution) attached and labeled clearly so we know what they are and where they should go if applicable.
  • Short author bio including a maximum of one anchor text link to your own website.
  • A few sentences about why you want your post to appear on RealFoodMBA.

If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we’ll let you know that your article will be published.

The Not-So-Fine Print

  • Not all submissions will get published.
  • If your submission is published on RealFoodMBA, you cannot republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or other websites afterward (due to the way that SEO works, more than one copy of your article will hurt both our site and wherever else you publish it). This said, we do encourage you to share the post far and wide!
  • RealFoodMBA reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  • RealFoodMBA reserves the right to include calls-to-action to content, including but not limited to email newsletters, webinars, and other downloadable content.